Code of Conduct

Aims and objectives

These are set out in the Constitution, and include coming together to enjoy singing, extending our knowledge about and practicing the art of choral singing for the pleasure of others as well as ourselves; to sing and perform to an excellent standard in a friendly atmosphere.  It is intended this code will help us achieve that.


The applicant's membership status is confirmed:

  • upon completion of an audition and the offer of a place in the choir by the Artistic & Musical Director
  • upon payment of the annual subscription (if any) as determined by the executive pursuant of Clause 6 of the Constitution
  • upon the applicant's confirmation (verbally or in writing) that they will comply with this code of conduct including choir etiquette and standards

Choir Etiquette and Standards


  • Learn your part
  • Come early enough to help move furniture and greet your fellow choristers
  • Turn off your cell phone or any other device that may interrupt 
  • As well as your music, bring a pencil and a water bottle - be well hydrated
  • Maintain good singing posture
  • Pay attention to the Musical Director.  Do not chat during rehearsals, especially when other sections of the choir are being rehearsed.

Care of music

The librarian will issue choristers with music at the first rehearsal (usually the reading workshop).

Its is the responsibility of the member to look after this music ad return it within two weeks of the final concert.  It is expected that the music copies will be marked, but only with a pencil (preferably 2B) or yellow highlighter.  If you wish to bind your music or mark it heavily, the you are expected to make your own copy so that the one issued to you can be returned in the original condition. In order to minimise unnecessary expenditure, there will be a fine for non-returned or defaced music as determined by the Executive, currently $20.

Occasionally, members will be required to purchase original scores.  In this case the music is personally owned, will not be returned to the library and therefore, of course, may be marked as desired.

Performance dress code

The choir uniform is as follows, unless otherwise advised by the Artistic & Musical Director:

Men - long-sleeved white shirt with wing collar, white bow-tie (provided), black trousers, black belt, black socks, and polished black shoes. 

Women - plain black dress OR plain black skirt and black top OR plain black dress trousers and black top

  • black tights or pantyhose (black socks or knee-highs only if full length)
  • black top, which should have 3/4 or full length sleeves
  • moderate neckline, not low-cut
  • black shoes, remember how long you have to stand in them
  • jewellery, optional, not flamboyant
  • make-up, optional, not flamboyant
  • hair so it won't obstruct your vision, tied back if needed
  • no perfume

Before every concert, the choir members will be instructed regarding uniform.  Individuals may be asked to change their dress by the Musical Director or an Executive member in order to be in keeping withe the choir as a whole; in which case, do not take this personally.


  • Follow the dress code
  • Hold your music, in a plain black folder, under your fully extended right arm by your side when filing on and off stage
  • Remain standing until all choir members are in place.  Then watch the Musical Director for directions when to sit, stand, and open music, aiming to do this all together
  • Maintain good singing posture.  Do not fidget or move unnecessarily - this is distracting for the audience
  • Do not talk on stage
  • At the end of the performance, do not applaud fellow performers.  Watch the Musical Director for your next move
  • Remember we are on show.  The performance only ends once we have left the sage
  • Enjoy it!

Attendance and punctuality

Members are expected to attend all weekly rehearsals and workshops, and formal choir functions, eg. the AGM.

If you cannot attend or will be late due to sickness, work or travel, please advise the Secretary (NOT the Musical Director) by email, phone or text message.

Little tolerance will be shown to those regularly late, or missing rehearsals. If more than one rehearsal is missed in the lead up to a performance, the Musical Director has sole discretion as to whether that member will be allowed to perform. 

Leave of absence must be obtained in advance for an absence of more than two weeks.  In the event of leave of absence of more than two weeks, the Artistic & Musical Director may require the member to re-audition. 

Choir etiquette in the event of absence

Any member who is absent is personally responsible for finding out information from another member of their section regarding notes about the music, homework, and any announcements to the choir that they missed. 


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