Levi, Charlie and Alfred    2018 'Young Scholar' Scholarship Recipients

Levi, Charlie and Alfred
2018 'Young Scholar' Scholarship Recipients

The Scholars Baroque Aotearoa Scholarship Scheme started in 2015 under the Musical Directorship of Chalium Poppy, for high school, polytechnic, or university students. Around the world, choral music has been losing the popularity race against other forms of easier and instant entertainment, which has impacted the number of school-leavers joining community choirs. This enduring music form immerses students in a unique soundscape that can only be experienced inside a chamber choir. The Scholars Baroque Aotearoa wants to leave young singers with a real sense of achievement that they can draw on throughout their lives. The scholarship recipient will have the chance to experience singing and music making in a semi-professional setting with a chamber choir. Our hope is to kindle a passion for choral music and give students a positive, successful, and lasting impression of this beautiful music.

The principle reward or benefit will be the intellectual and musical rewards of studying, rehearsing and performing choral music in the company of competent fellow musicians under the guidance of a qualified conductor. A secondary reward will be financial, the scholarship funds being awarded at the completion of the year.

This is a golden opportunity for good musicians who have fine voices, commitment to be part of a close-knit team, and who wish to develop first class sight-reading skills.



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