Scholars at Baycourt

When I was asked by the Choir to write a piece about our recent performance in Baycourt, I thought it a great privilege to tell of my first concert experience.

Being only 21, I have had less experience in such performances than the other members of the Scholars. My experience however was nonetheless amazing. Our Baycourt performance of the Salieri and Michael Haydn Masses was actually my first ever choral concert.

The bright lights and large crowd were daunting as I stepped on stage for the first time; butterflies in my stomach and sweaty palms grasping my music. Then, the orchestra began to play. The acoustics were fantastic and orchestra incredible, not to mention the mesmerising soloists. WOW!!! As we began, our voices balanced in perfect harmony and filled the auditorium. My butterflies flew away and I felt as if I was right where I belonged. All the hours spent practicing were all well worth it, and the final product was delivered flawlessly.

I felt like such a small cog in a well-oiled machine. And what a machine it was; every part equally valuable and necessary. As we took our final bow, what a sense of achievement we all felt. A job well done. Everything went off without a hitch and I have since found a love for early music that I never knew I had. I've been studying music history ever since.

It was such an honour to have the opportunity to sing with such a great group of performers. Chalium Poppy truly is an amazing choirmaster and conductor to have organised and lead such an outstanding performance. The Scholars themselves are all so supportive and have made my choral experience even more memorable. Having had a taste of the glory and splendour of what it feels like to perform classical music, and perform it well, I can't wait to be back on the stage singing once again. I shall never forget my first performance at Baycourt and my first performance as one of the Scholars.

I would highly recommend that you all come along to our upcoming concerts this year, which are featured in The Scholars News. There's some really beautiful and exciting music planned. And a big "Thank You" to all of you who attended our Baycourt performance. I know every one of the Scholars appreciates your support and encouragement. I hope to see you all again soon as you enjoy the beautiful singing of the Scholars Pro Musica (now Scholars Baroque Aotearoa).

Taylor Cairns-Curd (Bass)
Written originally for the Scholars Newsletter