2017 Young Scholar Sign-off

2017 Scholar.png

I’ve been a scholarship holder for three years and for three years my appreciation for period music has soared. The Scholars Pro Musica (now Scholars Baroque Aotearoa) has constantly extended me and made me improve myself as a singer. Every rehearsal, lesson and practice I am learning and deepening my understanding. Preparing for each concert with my conductor and teacher, Chalium, is always a different challenge and the feeling of accomplishment that comes after each concert is truly magnificent. Therefore the experience of the third annual concert of Messiah, improving upon the previous concerts, is a nugget of pride tucked away inside me.

Once again, I was given the opportunity to perform solos at one of the Christmas services. Singing two solos at Advent Procession was a privilege that I thoroughly enjoyed it let me stand by myself and show the improvements I have made over the past year. To see my improvement with Scholars and to showcase my ability that has grown is extremely rewarding. I believe this to be Scholars best year yet. Certainly, for me personally, it has been. 

I give out my heartfelt thanks to the Scholars and most especially Chalium. He is a wonderful teacher, conductor and person to be with and his guidance and friendship are golden. He taught me musicianship beyond just choral and has developed my knowledge and passion for music. The Scholars are an amazing choir, and I am honoured to have sung with such a warm, supporting family, that performs at the highest level.

- Alfred Shum