Handel's Messiah - Concert Review

After recently gaining a scholarship with the Scholars Pro Musica (now Scholars Baroque Aotearoa) I was excited when I was offered the chance to watch the dress rehearsal of Handel’s Messiah at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church last Friday. The rehearsal was great to watch as for I could see the wonderful chemistry between all the choir members and see how a rehearsal with Chalium Poppy is run. Going home that night I didn’t think that they would be able to sound any better than they already did. I was wrong. The next night I watched the public performance and the choir, somehow, sounded even better.

Everything to do with the show was fantastic, from the sound of the choir, the voices of the talented soloists, the amazing skill of the NZ Barok Orchestra and especially, Chalium Poppys’ passion for conducting. Looking around the audience everyone I saw seemed to be in awe of the beautiful sound of the choir and the orchestra combined, and I joined them. The orchestra alone sounded amazing and was made up of some extremely talented musicians and when the choir or soloists joined them it was truly incredible. After the performance, I spoke with Mr Poppy and he said to me “That’ll be you next year.”, which didn’t really sink in until later that night. Now that I have witnessed Scholars Baroque Aotearoa perform I am even more excited to join and I feel honoured that I am getting the chance to sing alongside the talented men and women that makeup the Scholars.


Charlie Childs
Monday 4th December 2017
2018 ‘Young Scholar’ Scholarship Recipient